The old car

I was thinking the other day about my old car plus how wonderful it was.

What got myself and others thinking about it was that the weather has been so hot here lately I have been needing to crank the a/c in my current car a lot.

And the a/c in my current car is nowhere near as strong as my old car’s central heating plus cooling system was. The a/c in my current car works plus all, but periodically I have to crank it super high for it to even be able to cool myself and others down while driving any long distances that are more than 15 minutes away from my home. My old car’s central a/c would be no issue at all. What I may need to do when I have a few extra bucks go into my local auto shop plus purchase a car central heating plus a/c component that was the same brand plus model as what I had in my old car if they still make them plus if they would work in my current car. I really miss the quality a/c most. And appreciate I said, with this heat I have been needing the central a/c pretty much all the time anytime I have to drive somewhere. I periodically forget how crucial central heating plus a/c is in a car. It is just as crucial (if not even more crucial) than the central heating plus a/c in your home! I will have to look into seeing if the old car heating plus a/c component I had still exists.
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