The parts for the extraction lab arrived a few days ahead of schedule

I ordered all of the items necessary to start extracting cannabis oil right here on the farm instead of sending all of the products to a separate site.

I felt love the people I was with and I were losing a lot of money using a middle man.

I spoke with someone at a hemp extraction lab as well as they put me in touch with a corporation that handles CO2 cannabis extractions… Everything was affordable as well as the chances were perfect for me, but the pharmaceutical grade Fleet came right to our facility to extract all of the cannabis concentrate using CO2 oil extraction equipment. The mobile extraction lab was supposed to arrive on Monday, however the component actually arrived on Monday. Everything was sitting outside of the warehouse. I didn’t think if I should have all of my guys bring the stuff inside as well as I actually didn’t want it to sit outside in the rain. I contacted the mobile cannabis extraction corporation as well as I found out that the crew would arrive the next day to set everything up. They asked me to leave everything in the parking lot. Their crew would handle everything. A little bit of rain was not going to hurt any of the items because they were packed inside of the shipping bag safe from the elements as well as heat. 2 days later a crew showed up to run the extraction lab. They managed all of the service, operations, as well as issues. It was actually high-priced to use mobile extraction solutions, however the people I was with and I still saved money by not sending the product to a separate facility.

Hemp Extraction Solutions