The perfect day

The other day we had the most perfect weather day in my area.

The temperatures were perfect and even more, the air quality was wonderful! The air quality was so good that it felt like the entire planet was surrounded with a whole home air purification system.

It was that good! I had never experienced air quality like that before. And in my area the air quality is usually good for the most part. But this was just something else. Then you add the perfect temperatures on top of that to where you did not even need to run central heating or air conditioning. I am not sure if we will ever have a day like this again or why it happened in the first place. It was like a one off kind of thing I would say. Especially with the climate change we are having all over the planet. That may have been what made this super air quality happen the one day with the great temperatures. Right now the temperatures are a little warm and I am having to run my central air conditioning system. But the air quality is still nice, it is not bad what so ever. I honestly can only think of a few times in the last couple of years that we had some bad air quality days. And when that happened, I would just turn on my portable air purification system that I have stored away in my closet for such times. Life is very unpredictable when it comes to the weather anymore.


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