The perfect way to spend the day with nice air quality

This week was my kind of day because I was able to go outside for a while.

I have been working from home for 5 years now plus it seems love I just don’t go outside as much as I used to.

This was amplified when covid hit plus I felt more isolated than ever. However, now I am definitely starting to go outside more plus I am finding that I definitely like it. While I love having an excellent air conditioner idea that has done nothing but nice things for myself and others I have found that I’ve been craving some nice real fresh air. I went outside and also decided to have some fun with my kids. My spouse and I took them to the park plus spent the entire day eating lunch, playing games, and finally pushing them on the swing. After a long day of doing all that we lied down on the shrubbery plus watched the stars. It was such a lovely feeling. I got to see it all, the clear red sky during the day with the gentle puffy clouds, then the sunset when it started to get late, plus finally the night sky. The air was so cold, crisp plus perfect. I wish there was a way that they could take the air from outside plus bring it indoors, no air conditioner idea in my opinion can match the quality of nature. I do love that I have the ability to labor from home plus I am definitely grateful for what I have but guy it was great to get out for a while. In a way now that I’ve been outside I am not looking forward to going back into my air conditioned home. But I suppose what I will do is I will just make sure I take more trips outside plus take breaks.

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