The professional advised a full idea tune-up

I woke up on Monday morning and it was unquestionably sizzling and uncomfortable inside of my condo.

  • I checked the temperature on the temperature control and it was reading 77 degrees in the house.

The a/c was running, but the air coming out of the vents did not feel like it was ice cold. I decided it was a fine system to contact the a/c service service. I spoke to a nice guy on the PC that asked a couple of questions about the condition of the a/c. The professional advised a full idea tune-up. He felt the tune-up would find whatever concern I was having and the service company was running a special on full idea tune-ups. I busy an appointment with the service service for the next morning. The professional scanned all of my equipment. He checked all of the mechanical and electrical parts. He cleaned all of the device and lubricated the moving parts. He also inspected the idea and found that the concern with my indoor temperatures was a lack of refrigerant. The six-year-old a/c did not have refrigerant to cool the air respectfully. The service professional checked for leaks, but none could be found. He filled the refrigerant with 2 lb of freon. When he was finished with the service appointment, he used a temperature control to check the air coming out of the HVAC duct and it was 55 degrees. After the tune-up, I truthfully did not recognize any other issues with the Heating and Air Conditioning component in the condo. I have ice frosty air when the device is running.

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