The Quiet helps me Rejuvenate

Some people look at quiet time as something scary that you have to make it through, however I see quiet time as good as well as refreshing… I spend quiet time alone as well as have sussed out that if I can make it superb then it helps myself and others as a person to grow as well as become an even better version of myself.

I used to fill in all quiet time with noise or music of some kind, but now that I am older I see silence as a neighbor who helps calm as well as soothe me, making myself and others a much more patient person in the process.

I do Heating as well as Air Conditioning unit jobs alone occasionally as well as I find I work better when it is quiet, as I can guess more clearly as well as think and operate more efficiently. I was a process engineer back in the Valley in Cali where l acquired how to make things work more efficiently, including life. Life is a process, similar to heating or cooling a room is a process, as well as it can be made to run more efficiently if you reduce things down to their simpler components. I used to work in a local manufacturing plant back in the Valley as well as l acquired how to make the processes run as smoothly as well as efficiently as they could. I use the same techniques when entirely working on central Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems or programming smart thermostats for my customers, as well as it makes for an easier afternoon at work when you do so. This month I will just wash the HEPA filters out for a purchaser so they can see how to do it next time, so it should be a really simple afternoon for me.

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