The resort had superb air conditioning

I was on a business trip for our job and I had to stay at this small hotel.

It wasn’t the best locale in the world but it was nice, then what certainly shocked me though was that the air conditioning in the hotel was beyond great! I had stayed at ritzy high class hotels in the past that did not even have this superb of air conditioning.

So this was the immense surprise to me at the hotel. As a matter of fact, the air conditioning was so superb I almost did not want to go out and do the business that I was there to do and what they were paying our costs at the hotel for! I could have stayed there for a long time and just relaxed and even slept with the superb indoor comfort of that wonderful central or commercial heating, ventilation, and A/C plan cooling that they had going on in that locale! I know it goes to show that it does not matter if the hotel is small or big, it is all on the management on how superb the heating, ventilation, and A/C is in a hotel. And this management was the best I have to say, but not only because they had the superb and most top quality air conditioning, but because they were also absolutely nice and professional. Whenever I needed something they would help me immediately. Another uncorrect thing for such a small hotel. I l gained a lot in the way of hotels by all the superb experience I had at this otherwise not so superb locale to stay. But because of the air conditioning and the wonderful management it was great.

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