The roofing company would start the job next week

It’s been awesome owning a lake house with my brother.

For the longest time, we wanted to own such a property, and rent it out to tourists.

Our home has numerous lakes and rivers that attract nature lovers. They come when the weather is nice to spend time on the water, and enjoy the magnificent surroundings. This has led to our town being a tourist destination with several hotels and lots of short term rental properties. We wanted a piece of that pie, and recently, we managed to find a lake house to buy. This property didn’t come cheap, and we had to think long and hard about the purchase. However, we knew this was a long term investment, so there’s no hurry to profit from it. The lake house looked splendid, and only needed a bit of work done before we started taking reservations. Some of the work we had to do included door repair. Some of the doors were missing locks, and looked a bit old. So, we found a door company near us that was selling them and also did door installation. Next, we had to look into the roof that we realized needed a bit of repair. This was after hiring a roofing contractor to do a thorough inspection. He said the roof could last about 20 more years, however, we had to do urgent roof repair. It’s easier to pay for roof repair than roof replacement. This is why the roofing company is sending roofers next week to start the work. Hopefully, they won’t take too long and we can get started on deck installation in the front yard overlooking the lake.

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