The temperatures are uncomfortable without an extra A/C running

I just got back from the sizable local company that sells all kinds of heating, ventilation plus A/C equipment plus have my mini split AC equipment for my entryway.

My mom likes to keep the cabin a lot warmer than I do so I asked her if I can put a small piece of equipment in my entryway while I am here for several months visiting plus she said of course I can.

I enjoy keeping my room at about 71F at night plus she has been setting the idea to keep the arena at 71F plus I just can’t sleep when it is that warm. I have a small fan in my room however it just isn’t enough to cool me down so I am installing this small window equipment today. I should be nice plus cool in a few minutes as it is easily simple to hook up. Once I get this thing set up I am going to put the temperature control on 74F plus cool it down here immediately. My mom keeps the cabin at 76F in the day plus I am just dripping with sweat bullets as the people I was with and I speak, hence the new AC equipment in my window. I don’t know if it comes with a HEPA filter although I don’t easily care, I just want cold air in my room while I work and sleep. The rest of the cabin can be sizzling, however my room should be cool so I can do my job plus sleep well. I guess I will leave the small air conditioner in the window for next time when I come plus visit.


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