The temperatures outside are too hot for my own comfort

I’m resting here with a fan about a foot from me trying to stay cool.

It is 90F outside separate from the humidity so I suppose the feels-like temperature is close to 100F because it is truly humid outside right now. I remember last year being on the beach when the feels-like temperature was 116F. I came to my apartment with about several blisters on my feet that day from playing volleyball in the sand in the middle of the day. The diner had some heating and air conditioning cooling devices outside to keep people cool however it didn’t help the players on the court too much. I also truly miss playing at that site because both of us regularly had an audience watching to help amp up the play of the game. The bar inside had air conditioning and ice frigid beers and both of us would all go in there and hang out after the games. I’ve had the most fun and the best memories over the past 30 years of playing the activity and have made some relaxing friends over the years too. So today, I am going to task on the small mini split air conditioning plan in my office because the vent from the main component in my room truly doesn’t cool it down enough here. I suppose the small portable component is still good although I need to clean it and test it out to make sure it still works then fire it up and see what it can do. I am soon to be resting today because last night I played ball till 9pm and I am pretty sore.


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