The tune-up for the furnace and AC was thorough

The company that provides a tune-up on my furnace and air conditioner is a company that I know and trust.

The owner of the furnace and air conditioner repair service is my best friend’s son.

I have been friends with the woman for the past 50 years. We met in elementary school and we have been friends since we were children. Her son was best friends with my son until he passed away in 2002. I have a lot of pictures of the kids playing together. When I get to see Jack, it makes my heart happy. I called Jack to provide a tune-up on the furnace and air conditioner in my house last week. I needed the service completed, but really I just wanted to talk and reminisce. Jack came to the house and provided a very thorough tune-up on the heating and cooling equipment. He checked and cleaned the furnace burners and also inspected all of the safety controls and devices. He inspected the pressure levels, temperature gauges, and the refrigerant levels. He checked the ductwork and replaced the old air filter. He also flushed the drain line and cleaned the evaporator coils on the air conditioner. The tune-up service was extensive and I didn’t mind paying the $79 service fee. Jack tried to tell me that I didn’t have to pay, but I would have paid someone else if he was not available. We spent the next hour talking about my son and all of the fun that they had when the two of them were kids.

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