The two of us had a rather wonderful supper at the Chinese Buffet

When I moved our family to a new area, both of us didn’t absolutely think about any of the local steakhouses & both of us didn’t do a lot of food shopping yet.

The two of us were all absolutely hungry & both of us made the decision to go driving around looking for a nice locale to eat.

The kids all wanted fast food, however I kept saying no, and just the thought of eating some fast food made myself and others guess sick & most of those locales I have been too don’t have the best temperature control settings either. Then I saw a Chinese Buffet & asked our wifey if she would like some food like that. She said it didn’t matter & so both of us pulled into the parking lot. I was absolutely hoping the temperature control settings would be just right because I didn’t want to have to jump right back in the car & go looking for another eatery… Fortunately, the temperature control settings were perfect & even our waitress asked if the temperature control settings were too our liking. I liked the fact that they would be willing to adjust the weather conditions control just for us, however there weren’t a lot of people there at the time. The selection of food was marvelous. They even had stuff our children liked such as pizza, french fries, & hot pets. I had different Chinese chicken dishes & noodles. The two of us stuck around for awhile just talking about everything & getting refills on our drinks. The two of us had dessert in the end & the children said they absolutely wanted to go back to that locale again.


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