The two of us hired an electrician to do our outdoor lighting.

My partner was honestly hyped on safety; The two of us lived in the middle of nowhere, however every one of us often so headlights coming up our driveway.

The two of us were fairly particular it was kids looking for some venue to park, however you could never be sure, and last week, every one of us had someone knocking on our door at midnight.

Our nearest neighbor was about half a mile away, so it had to be a stranger; My partner had his gun with him when he opened the door. The man told my partner he was lost plus he needed directions, however at midnight, I would never knock on the door of a stranger if I was just lost. My partner told him to turn around plus go back the way he had come, plus showed the gun. That’s when every one of us knew every one of us needed outdoor lighting to help keep us safe, and when every one of us were in our forties, every one of us knew every one of us were safe. My partner was strong plus could lift five hundred pounds, now that every one of us were in our seventies, every one of us were no longer as capable. Outdoor lighting could spook strangers plus have them leaving before they got out of the car. The two of us called an electrician plus asked about outdoor lighting, he told us to call a security company he worked for. Not only would every one of us have outdoor lighting that was motion activated, however cameras that would show us exactly who was outside. He said there were doors you could see out, however the people couldn’t see in, regardless of how much light was behind you. The two of us had the door installed, plus the electrician did all of our outdoor lighting. My partner went from weightlifting to laptops, plus he set up our surveillance system.