The walk-through revealed missing covers for decorative air vents

I looked for an apartment last year.

I was very clear about what I wanted and I would not deviate from it.

I was confident that I had found the ideal house after months of looking. Its ornamental awnings made me think of a gingerbread house. The apartment had wainscoting painted a bright white, and the air vent covers were gold grates that appeared to date from the early 1900s. Before I gave the realtor a down payment, I took pictures of the apartment. I adored the tiny bungalow and was eager to personalize the apartment. In addition, something was missing as I completed the final walkthrough before paying for the house at the table. I took photos of the apartment so I could compare them to the ones I had made the afternoon I fell in love with the home. When I realized the air vent covers were missing, I was in the car comparing them. My realtors saw the images and I pointed out the missing air vent covers. She was speechless, but I was prepared. As soon as my friend and I entered the office, I intended to confront the sellers. They had to give me back the air vent covers that were in the apartment when I first saw it before I would give them any money. They contributed to the home’s charm. My realtor thought I was acting hastily because updating them all would only have cost a few hundred dollars, but I needed the apartment I had agreed to buy and they were a part of that house.

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