The weather has cooled down

Well, we survived the onslaught of tourists this summer and now are being fortunate by the fruits of our patience over the last several months! The local businesses will be less tied up now and some of them will shut their doors till next spring when it starts all over again, but i’ve heard a lot of locals saying things like “we got our town back” as they have been pounded by a lot of tourists this year with the travel restrictions all done. The weather has cooled down a lot over the past several weeks and I am finding myself not needing the A/C so much anymore. This is good because my power bills will go down largely soon and I will be able to save some money. The heating corp where I work will soon be getting a shipment of heat pumps plus oil gas furnaces in preparation for the Wintertide season. I will work there more over the next few months so that I can save up some money for my trip back home in December. I know I will do some air conditioning component service calls too so that I can make even more money as I am good at tuning up air conditioning systems and repairing broken down oil gas furnaces plus heating units. I am planning on going back to the states for up to a month depending on how much money I save. I will have to work for the local company back home to cover the cost of my rental car unless I decide to skip it and just Uber around town.
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