The woman flagged me down for HVAC service on her car.

I was in the parking lot of the local grocery store.

I sat in my service van figuring out the bill for the repair to the store’s furnace.

I was trying to put together everything I had done, and write it down so the manager of the grocery store understood. I noticed someone waving at me, and I looked up. There was a young woman waving at me. I rolled down my window and asked if there was something I could help her with. She asked if I was an HVAC technician, and then she asked if I knew anything about HVAC systems in cars? I knew a little about cars, but I was an HVAC technician and not a car mechanic. She said her heater died and she couldn’t get the defrost to help clean the ice off her windshield. I felt bad for her, but there was little I could, but she looked so forlorn that I asked her to let me finish the HVAC bill for the store, and I would look at. Ten minutes later, I was looking at the HVAC unit, but I couldn’t help her. I told her she needed to take it to her mechanic, and they could repair the HVAC system. She said she didn’t have a regular mechanic. I recommended going to a garage that advertised HVAC work, or take it to one of those Manny, Moe, and Jake places. I knew I couldn’t help her, and all I could do was make some suggestions. I hoped she got her HVAC system repaired, but I had other jobs to do.


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