There are lots of pros in being a real estate broker

My friend Casey is a licensed real estate broker, & she is superb at her job, and in fact, she has won a few awards for the work that she has done, & she is well-affixed in the town that my friend and I live in! She knows all the important real estate heavy hitters that are in our town & in the state. So, of course, knowing people in high places constantly have some perks; And Casey’s perks are the best! We have gotten discounts on holiday homes for rent, my friend and I also get discounts at major home improvement stores, & doctorries in our town; Whenever I go shopping with Casey, possibilities are, she’ll know someone affixed to the place. In addition to being a real estate broker, Casey runs her own apartment management business, then this means she knows all the local handymen, plumbers, & general contractors in our town. If she ever needs something to be fixed, it’s literally just one iPhone call away. So, when I needed renovations on my home, I was able to get a big discount from the contractor that Casey recommended. And yep, I do take full advantage of the perks that she offers. I must be honest, I haven’t paid full price for any repairs or updates on my home because of Casey’s affixions. As a homeowner, it’s great to have a friend who is in real estate because you never know when you will need something for your home, plus, if I ever decide to sell the apartment that I am living in, of course, Casey would be my realtor, or she will request someone who will get me the best deal possible, and can’t ask for much more than that.


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