There is lots of fog in the area

Having fog in our local area is not something that happens every single day, as a matter of fact it is rather rare that we have fog, then but lately we have been having fog and as a result the air quality has been totally awful, it has been such bad air quality that numerous have gone out and purchased either portable air cleaners or even made investments into whole home air cleaners.

I was one of those people who invested in whole home air cleaners.

I figured because the air quality was so bad it would be the best thing to do, but whole home air cleaners are expensive and fancy. But I made the investment because we do have bad air quality at certain times of the year and my allergies can act up real bad. Having bad allergies is what made me undoubtedly react badly to all the fog that we were having. And the whole home air purification method was the best thing to get, then sure I am going to be paying it off for lord knows how long, but I feel it was well worth it. It was better to have a whole home air purification system to clean the indoor air levels of our home rather than have no air purification or a cheap portable air purification method and make it so that the air quality was not so good. I am quite thrilled with our whole home air cleaner. It helps with the fog that we have.


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