There was a unusual sound at the movies

The other night when the people I was with and I chose to go to the films, there was an aggravating ticking sound that kept happening the whole time that the film was playing.

It was really driving myself and others deranged because I cannot stand repetitive noises. I finally gave up and went out to the lobby to see if I could find a manager to complain about it to. I couldn’t find a single employee of the filmplex when I went out into the lobby. There was not even anyone at the popcorn counter at that point. I looked around and finally found all of them huddled in a single of the back rooms off the back of the ticket booth. They were all huddled together around what appeared to be an electric space heating system in that little room. Then I heard the manager talking about how he had a call into the commercial Heating and A/C company, but they had not shown up yet at that point, then when he saw myself and others sitting out there waiting to talk to someone, he came out and told myself and others that they were having all kinds of problems with their heating and cooling system. Then he apologized about the inconvenience. He was so nice about the whole thing that I did not even assume love yelling at him by that point. I was all ready to let him have it at that point, even though I felt sorry for him because he seemed so tied up out because of the Heating and A/C concerns. I just gave up and listened to the ticking for the rest of the show.

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