There was no air conditioning in my cousin’s basement

There was no air conditioning in my cousin’s basement when we had to stay there last week… My unbelievable friend and I went down so that we could go to a anniversary in the family and we didn’t want to pay a fortune at a local hotel.

My cousin told us that we could stay at her apartment in the basement for the week and I told her that would be fine, it was basically a unbelievable setup for us since there were enough cots and mattresses down there in their finished basement for all six of us in my family. I started to wonder if I had made a poor mistake, though, whenever the weather started heating up outside. I noticed that there did not seem to be any air conditioning vents down there in the basement, however I thought that I must just be overlooking them! However, whenever I asked my cousin about it, she confirmed that there wasn’t any ductwork in the basement at all, and they had never planned on having people stay down in their basement and so when they built the house, they had saved quite a bit of money by leaving out the ductwork that would have been used for a ventilation system down in the basement. I mean, I know it makes sense that they would not have a ventilation system in the basement, however it would have made the week a whole lot more comfortable for us if we had had some air conditioning down there. Next time we stay with her, we will take a portable air conditioning unit.

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