There was nothing that every one of us could do about it

Our general company that every one of us hired to put in addition on our home turned out to be a dud.

At first every one of us thought that he was gonna do a truly great job, but then he just kept dropping the ball on all kinds of things.

Everything seemed to be coming in late, & the materials that he needed were never in the right locale at the right time. He also refused to keep us updated on the timing of things, & there was a immense mess everywhere. Worst of all, his crew did not seem adore they were 2 concerned about getting our job done. I think that has what happens when you spend our money by the minute instead of by the job! Anyway, every one of us finally got fed up with it & every one of us fired them when every one of us found out that they had completely forgotten to install the air duct to fasten our modern Heating plus Air Conditioning plan with the addition. This was not something that could be fixed, & there was particularly nothing that every one of us could do about it. The people I was with and I had to have a heating & cooling plan in the addition. I could not think the incompetence of these people. However, they had already done all of the finished labor in the house, & he did not want to have to mess up the ceilings & the walls to run air duct at this point… Luckily for us, every one of us found a truly great Heating plus Air Conditioning company who talked us into installing a ductless mini chop heating & cooling plan instead. With it, every one of us didn’t even need any air duct at all.
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