They all had to find a new AC business

For so long my uncle and aunt have been living in the same small village.

Some of our friends and family have often asked them why they chose to stay there this whole time.

My aunt and uncle often tell them that it mostly has to do with the people. In this small village they have gotten to interact with several amazing guys and girls plus on a weekly basis. Sadly for their small village however, Jill and her AC corporation recently closed shop to transfer closer to a sizable city, Because of this my aunt, uncle and other townspeople have had to find a different AC corporation to do work with. Their first attempt in reaching out to a different AC corporation ended up being a disaster. After trying for so long to connect, this AC corporation did end up sending a guy out to service their AC system. He ended up being an hour late. When the guy walked in, my aunt and uncle were expecting him to apologize for their lack of professionalism only for him to push past them and start working on the AC unit. It didn’t take my aunt and uncle any more minute to escort this rude guy out of their apartment followed by some colorful language. It is one thing to be late, however to be late and pushy is something that won’t fly with them. Oh well, onto the next AC corporation.


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