They had a point about my ductwork

A few years back my local heating and a/c specialist had mentioned to me about getting my ductwork cleaned every 6 months to avoid problems with my heating and a/c method and the air quality in my home, however well, I did not listen or take them seriously, however i had thought they were just trying to rack in more money or make some kind of a commission deal so I did not even bother to play into that.

Well, I have to say that I was wrong and that my heating and a/c specialist from my local heat and a/c business really had a point and was trying to help, then my Heating and A/C unit recently broke down from being overworked and in turn I needed a new motor.

It came to be that the whole reason for the breakdown of my central heating and a/c method was because my ductwork was certainly dirty! This is what made it work overtime, so I was now convinced that I needed to get my ductwork cleaned every 6 weeks as proposed by the heating and a/c specialist from the local heating and cooling business. So I evidently got it cleaned right then and there, and now from this point on I will constantly have the ductwork of my central heating and a/c method cleaned every 6 months no matter what the case. Even if I know I do not need it, I will do it anyway just to be on the safe side of things.


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