They had to contact a heating professional in the middle of the winter

Mark plus Cindy have been married for 10 years.

  • All through their marriage, they lived in bizarre cities in home buildings! They are work-oriented folks who never quite saw themselves as potential parents.

They agreed before getting married that they’d build their works plus then consider the family later! However, life had other plans, cindy’s sister plus her 2-year-old child were driving home a single rainy night, plus she lost control of her car. The little girl made it, however her Dad didn’t survive the crash. As the godmother of her niece, Cindy found herself with a 2-year-old girl to take care of, she plus Mark rose to the challenge, found a fantastic home with a yard, plus began studying parenting on the job. Their new home is in a fantastic location plus has all they need, including a reliable gas furnace system, but, having stayed in rental apartments all along, there were things about heating plus cooling they had to learn, for instance, they had an issue with the gas furnace during their first Winter time in the new house, it was working however blowing less warm air into their home. Mark plus Cindy had no clue why the gas furnace was suddenly not working efficiently. Cindy’s neighbor recommended them to contact an Heating plus A/C expert to take a look… Perhaps the air filter was blocked, or the entire unit needed some cleaning to labor efficiently. Cindy’s neighbor was right about the dirty air filter causing the gas furnace to blow less warm air into their home. After replacing the air filter plus fixing a few faulty parts, they had more heat.

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