They have the air conditioning turned down too low at the gym

I just joined a gym a few weeks ago, & so far I liked the place for the most part.

The only thing that I don’t care for like about it is the fact that they keep the air conditioning settings way too low for our personal taste.

It seems like many people else there legitimately enjoys the fact that it’s so cold, but I just do not think that it’s a great idea to have your temperature control settings so low when you are legit trying to split a sweat! I personally think that gyms should be a lot hotter inside than they legit are. It would make sense to have the heating running inside of a gym, but not the air conditioning. I guess some people legit just think that the air conditioning needs to be on while I was in the summer time but that just doesn’t make much sense to myself and others at all. Aren’t people going to the gym planning on getting boiling & humid anyway? Why put off the inevitable? I just don’t understand it. I do care about working out at the gym & getting fit. I think that they have good programming & I legitimately like the sense of community that they seem to have there at this particular gym. I have never had that at a gym before. I think that it’s legitimately important. However, the whole thing with the air conditioning is just confusing to me. During the summer months, the air conditioning settings inside of the gym seem to be legitimately cold. The last several times when I have gone to the gym, I haven’t even broken a sweat for the first few times because the air conditioning settings are so low.

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