They were arguing over the air filters

I witnessed a really dumb argument today.

My roommate and her boyfriend were fighting over what kind of air filters that they should be using.

My roommate’s boyfriend is very particular about everything, unfortunately this preference of his extends to the heating and air conditioning system too. If he hadn’t brought the subject up I never really would have thought of it. In fact I really only think of my heating and air conditioning system when something has broken down and I need something that needs to be repaired. Then I’ll rush to the phone to call the heating and AC business and have them come out here and take care of it once and for all. My roommate told me that she was going to bring her boyfriend over today because he was going to visit her. I didn’t really think much of it, I just decided that I would go and give them another long time. Well he came over this afternoon and right before I left I overheard the two of them arguing. She was telling him about the air filter that she and I used and for some reason he just lost it and was calling her stupid for not using the right kind of air filter. He was insistent that the only kind of air filter that anybody with a brain could use was a HEPA filter. Obviously I thought this was ridiculous and I later told her that she should get rid of him if he’s going to scream at her over a stupid air filter. HEPA filters are great but you can use any kind of filter you want for your heating and AC system. It’s not like there has to be a certain kind.


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