Things are Heating up Outside Today

I’m not sure what the temp is outside right now but when I went out on my balcony it felt like an oven.

  • I bet all of us are over 100F now with the heat index & I am more than gleeful to stay inside with my cool air conditioning until it starts to cool down a bit out there.

I usually don’t go to the beach till about 7pm when it gets cooler because the sand is so overheated that it burns your feet. I went out Last monthand tried to play ball in the middle of the afternoon & ended up with 11 blisters on my feet. My Heating & Air Conditioning idea is fairly current & runs a lot to keep my arena cool yet my power bills are still pretty low. I think this Summer I have been paying about $120 a month for my cooling bills, which is pretty low considering how overheated it has been. Every one of us have about numerous more weeks of this heat & then it is going to start cooling down pretty suddenly. I am going to get my Heating & Air Conditioning idea cleaned next month so that it will be ready for Winter time as I have a furnace filter & want to make sure the oil furnace is all clean for winter. I like to have the Heating & Air Conditioning company do the cleaning & maintenance so I can focus on other things around the house. I bought a numerous year service contract with them a few years ago & I think I still have more than one more years left on it.


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