This thermostat is not working correclty

The weather report had talked about rain, but with the way things were escalating, it would be a storm. A month earlier, I had been at the heating dealership to finalize the gas furnace/heater installation details. I had opted for an electric heating plan among the heat and AC products. I previously had a gas boiler, and but I had little to complain about it before the end of its service, I wanted to try something new, and in this case, it was an electric heater. The installation would include installing radiant floors. The only thing that would not be changed was the wireless temperature control. I had worked in the heating industry for a while, but I found our calling elsewhere. This led me to skip some furnace repair because I knew a thing or 2 about an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair plan, gas furnace filters, and heating repair, so I ended up doing it myself. When the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C tech saw that the weather was worsening, he told me that they had to postpone the installation to the following afternoon if the weather allowed. That afternoon I slept by the fireplace because it was freezing, and I did not have any form of heating. I forgot to shut the blinds, and the first rays of afternoonlight hit me straight on the face, which meant I woke up earlier than usual. Just when I thought it would be a bright and sunny afternoon, out of nowhere, it became cloudy, and I knew without a doubt that the two of us would have to postpone the installation again. It also meant another night by the fireplace.

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