Three more central heating units are now available

I will write a few more stories and then I will take a yoga break for 20 minutes to stretch my body and rest my eyes.

Today is an absolutely nice afternoon out and my friends are starting to make their way to the beach for an afternoon of fun.

I will go out around 3pm and stay there till the sun goes down around 8:30 pm. Then I’ll come to the household and have supper and a glass of wine with my flatmate while my friend and I chill out on the sofa with the two cats. Before sleeping tonight I’ll clean one of the HVAC duct vents and the HEPA filter so that my pollen irritations are not bothering me when I sleep. I like to get to bed by 10pm and read for an hour or so, then I sleep for about nine hours and wake up feeling absolutely good. I also run the small air cleaner in my entryway for colorless noise and to clean the dust in my room so that I can sleep without sneezing. I also wear earplugs when I sleep so that it blocks out the sound from the bar behind my entryway window. The local business usually is closed by 12am and after that I can remove my earplugs and I don’t hear a thing all night long except for the humming of my little heating and air conditioning air cleaning system near my bed. I will get up around 10am, which is later than I sleep during the winter season time, however in the Summer I stay up a bit later studying.
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