Time wars at the heating dealership

The heating dealership family day.

  • During that day, we would have kinds of games that are family-friendly.

A personal favorite was when all us HVAC techs split into two groups to compete. The competition tried to finish an HVAC service plan within the shortest time possible and do the work perfectly. We always had friendly competition since we believe that the heating industry is big enough for us. We would choose two homes to work on and then judge each other’s work. Each home thankfully had different types of heaters. Some had an electric heating system that used duct to transfer heat, there was one that had heated floors, and some other two had a gas boiler. It was a perfect setup to assess our capability and bring out the best from everyone. I remembered last year before such a day; we had been swamped with so much work. We had a furnace/heater installation where we had to lay out the ductwork but luckily that had not been a one-day job. We never failed to do the heating repair in a day. We made sure that every family member knew how to change the furnace filter. Being professionals, we were well aware of the advantages of having a wireless thermostat, and therefore we all had one. The other games include the three-legged, running in a sack, and so many other games that we could develop involving the entire family, including the children. By the end of that day, we all had sore muscles, and most of us ended up early to try and recover from the high of the day.
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