Two More Globs of Words to Write Then it is Sleepy Time for Me

I’m pushing myself a bit more today and am going to reward myself soon with an hour nap meditation session in my comfy dark and cold bedroom.

I like the room cold like this because I like to hide under four or five blankets and feel like I am a baby in a womb again.

The local business sells weighted blankets but they cost so much that it is easier just to pile a bunch of blankets on top of you and call it a night. I don’t run any climate control systems at night and like it really cold in my room so that I can feel like a bear hibernating in a cave under a pile of leaves or something. Part of me really likes winter as it gets cold early in the evening and you have a lot of sleeping time. I also like that I don’t have to run my air conditioning too much as it costs me a lot of money to do so during the summertime. I run the heating in the winter just a tiny bit and my power bills for the winter are always a lot lower than they are in the summer. My body just runs really hot so I like it a bit cooler in my flat. Today was really cold out and there was no sun so I had to turn on my central heating unit for about 15 minutes to take the chill out of the air. This house really holds the heat as it is still warm some five hours later.

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