Types of Roofing Shingles

In addition to protecting your roof’s structure and keeping out water, roofing shingles also add significant curb appeal and value to your home.

The type of roofing shingles you choose can also affect the durability of your roof against wind, rain, hail, and other weather events.

Asphalt, 3-tab, architectural, impact-resistant, and COOL are some types of roofing shingles. Asphalt roofing shingles are a reliable, affordable, and popular roofing material. Many homes use 3-tab roof shingles. A symmetrical appearance is provided by three distinct tabs of equal size. These traditional asphalt shingles have a repeating rectangular shape separated by “slots” and are typically less expensive than other asphalt shingle options. Architectural roofing shingles are also known as dimensional shingles or laminated shingles because they are composed of two layers of shingle pieces laminated together to provide a 3-dimensional appearance. Due to the variation in shingle sizes and shapes, roofs covered in architectural shingles have an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Impact-resistant shingles are shingles that are modified and enhanced to withstand impact from hail or other debris that might fall on your roof. There are different ways that the shingles are modified to achieve this resistance. Some insurance providers offer a discount to homeowners who have Class 4 impact-resistant shingles installed on their roofs. With solar-reflecting granules, COOL roofing shingles reduce heat absorption through the roof, making your home more energy-efficient. You may need to consider the following roof options for your home if your local building code or your HOA rule requires you to install non-asphalt roofing materials, including tile, slate tile, wood shake, standing seam metal, and stone coated metal roofing shingles. When it comes to choosing shingles for your roof, you have so many options to choose from.


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