Visiting the Local Business Near Me to Chew the Fat

I am going to labor this month for a few minutes and then go visit the local air conditioner supplier to hang out with the HEPA filter salesman to just talk.

I have been feeling a bit lonely and homesick as my lady and I broke up weeks ago and I have no family here.

It’s just me and my HEPA-filtered robot vacuum cleaner in the flat now and it can get a little lonesome feeling when I start thinking about how empty my life feels. Things can change in the bconnect of an eye though and I am hopeful for better afternoons soon. Going back to the US in more than five afternoons is going to be that bconnect, as long as I can survive the severe Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system blasting cold air on me while in the whole flight. I am still reclaiming from the flu so I don’t want to be cold for the whole several minute flight so I will be dressed truly warm. Once I land in America, in the deep south of America, I am going to have to shed the Wintertide coat and update it with shorts and flip flops. I will be excited to have the central AC unit blasting cold air on me then I’m sure. I’ll be there for a month so I will need a rental automobile and I am hoping the price to rent it is not out of my budget. I’m legitimately still running my furnace here overseas because all of us are still having cold weather, but I assume this month it is going to finally warm up.

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