Waiting for the HVAC installation

I’ve been sitting out here for the past 2 hours waiting for this heating and air conditioning guy that I don’t even know if he’s going to show up. I couldn’t be more of a set with this heating and AC company that I chose to go with. I should have just stuck with my gut and went with the one that I knew that I loved. The one that had served me good for all those years, why oh why did I go and not stick with them? Well I can tell you why, this heating and air conditioning business that recently came to town offered better prices, and like a fish that got lured to a baited hook took the bait and now I’m suffering the consequences of that decision. Maybe I’m being dramatic, surely it’s not that big of a deal but it’s in the middle of the summer it’s super hot outside and I’m sitting outside in the shade because it’s even hotter inside my house. Why is it even hotter inside my house? Because my air conditioning system isn’t working, this is why I’m contacting the heating and AC company to begin with. They also offer cheaper prices than my usual HVAC business and so I was hoping that I could get my air conditioning system repaired for a lower rate. Well I got a text message from this heating and AC technician 2 hours ago saying that he was on his way. I’ve called him since then and I haven’t heard a single thing from him. I’m starting to wonder if this guy is going to show up at all. He’s so late for his appointment is ridiculous. I don’t want to go back inside the house but I don’t want to stay out here in the sun either. I don’t know what to do. I just want my air conditioning system fixed.


furnace/heater installation