Was it worth it?

I was recently talked into going all ductless for my heating and air conditioner.

It cost myself and others a luck to do it, and now that it is done, I am kind of having sixth thoughts.

There is nothing I can do about it obviously if I don’t want to throw several thoUSAnd dollars down the drain. But I will say that my issue is that only a few rooms in the lake house have quality heating and cooling as a result. This was because I had to get a ductless mini chop air conditioner program and then have the local heat and corporation send out a certified heating and cooling specialist to convert the ductless into a full on ductless heating and And these things only heat and cool a certain area where they are installed. I could only barely afford 2 of them. Which this covers the residing room and most of the downstairs and then a single family room. It is a wonderful thing I do not have a family and live alone. Or I would have had to dump really close to a million dollars into it. Well ok, maybe that is exaggerating a little bit, however it would have been a greater luck than I dumped into the 2 ductless mini chop s and the conversion that the heating and cooling specialist had to do in order to make them heating and units instead of the sit alone s that they originally were. I will try this out a bit longer, but I may have to buy a portable space gas furnace and in addition.
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