Washable air filters are great

I really gotta like washable air filters.

When I first started using washable air filters I found it hard to believe that my filter could be reused.

After all, I’ve been using disposable filters for my entire life, so the idea of completely reusing a filter seems strange to me. However, it didn’t take long to really get used to the idea of using them and I soon found that I loved it far more than the disposable air filters. Now when I think of disposable filters it seems like such a waste to just use them once and then toss them. As soon as my filters get dirty, I can thoroughly clean the mountain and reuse them and I really love having the freedom to do that. Not to mention the money to save me by not having to continually buy disposable air filters. I was first introduced to washable air filters by a good friend of mine who had just gotten one for herself. She told me that for her they were life-changing and she recommended I try them. I don’t remember how we got on the subject of heating and cooling but we did. But I’m glad that I decided to take her advice and try them. Now I’m never going back to using disposable air filters. Open to using the washer air filters as long as they are available and considering how many heating and air conditioning businesses are, I highly doubt they would stop making it many times soon. I’ve also spread the word about washable air filters. I want to help other people find great HVAC products like I have found.


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