Watering our plants in the right conditions

Ever since the pandemic where did people have been staying inside much longer than normal.

  • This is actually how to impact on our life because I cannot do all the fun things that I used to, and i have consistently had a passion for gardening and I used to meet up with a local gardening group every single week, however, now that all of us all must practice social distancing I have not been able to meet up with them appreciate I used to and I have been focused only on taking care of our own plants and our own backyard, and at first it was somewhat lonely but then all of us found a way where I could include all our friends and our experience and I started a live streaming the plants I was taking care of so everybody can see what was going on and nobody felt left out.

I also decided to transport a lot of our plants indoors when possible our transferring them to pots. Apart from the lack of socializing, another complication was the weather all of us had here. All of us have been having a lot of Stormy and rainy weather and so I have been spending most of our time inside, on the bright side but I had to spend a lot of our time inside I found that I could still appreciate sitting by our window and enjoying the outdoors. There was also an unexpected benefit to staying inside, and that is our heating and cooling system. I never given our heating and cooling proposal much thought until I started staying inside more and caring for our indoor plants. But I come to find that our plants thrive in an indoor environment, and I have been enjoying it too… Normally when I am outside it is actually hot, and for once it’s nice to be able to just relax under the nice and cool air conditioner.