We are going to be turning our garage into a living room

We are going to be turning our garage into a living room soon.

  • This is something that my wife and I have been talking about ever since we first moved into our house six years ago.

We both knew that we were eventually going to need some extra space in the house and now that time has finally come. Our kids are all growing and getting bigger, and so are their friends. Not only that, but we now have two big dogs that we did not have when we first moved in. In other words, we need space to accommodate lots of teenagers and lots of big dogs! Since we did not really want to build a complete addition, we both decided to turn our garage into a big living room instead. The only thing that we are concerned about is the heating and cooling system. We are not sure if our additional space will be able to be supported by our current heating and cooling system that works on the rest of the house. It might just be too much extra square footage for the existing HVAC system to handle. We have an appointment with the local HVAC company next week so that we can figure out exactly what kind of a project we are looking at. I’m hoping that we can just tie in the HVAC system with the garage, but who knows. We may end up having to get zone control heating and cooling or something like that instead. I guess we will find out next week.

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