We chose the perfect color that seemed light and vibrant

In the Springtime season when the weather warmed up a nice amount, we saw it fit to paint the outside of our house.

The paint was sincerely looking kind of dull even after being cleaned, so we wanted something that made our house look lovely.

We chose the perfect color that seemed light and vibrant enough. This was a light purple color that looked good when we were finished. It was also nice to open up all the windows to let an enjoyable breeze come through when the paint was done drying. These are the afternoons we tend to look forward to, when we don’t even have to use our A/C system because the weather is perfect. This is when it’s time to get around to that Springtime cleaning and arranging for other substantial things like having the AC tuned up. We remember the time when we forgot to do that and we ended up having the AC break down in the Summer season on a miserably boiling day. It was a bad time but luckily we managed to stay at our parents’ house until the A/C professional repaired the cooling system. It took a whole week to get the A/C professional out to the house. Now that was a nightmare for us since we could not afford the emergency A/C services because they were way too high-priced. We did learn our lesson from that experience and always have our A/C inspected in spring. We are also thinking about getting a new cooling unit sometime soon, however not this year.