We go to art class every week, but the heating system is torn up

We go to art class every week, but the heating system is torn up in the building and I don’t know that I want to go back until they get it fixed.

The weather has been really cold here lately. Last week, the high temperature was actually in the teens and that’s way colder than it usually is in our area. I don’t know what’s going on with the temperature around here, but I wish that the place would start heating up again, that’s for sure. I love our art class, but last week, it was ridiculously cold while we were there. Since the furnace was broken in the building, the teacher in the painting class had a couple of little electric space heaters in the classroom to try and keep the place warm enough for her students. I noticed that just about halfway through the class, the paint in my paint tray was so cold that I couldn’t even paint with it! I think that the classes should be canceled until they are able to get the furnace system fixed in the building. I guess they don’t want to get behind and mess up their class schedule, though. If we go back this week and try to have class and it’s that cold again, I don’t know if I will even stay for the whole class. You would think that they would be able to get the place fixed before the next class, though. When you’re running a huge art school, you should have a commercial HVAC company on call to take care of any heating and cooling emergencies that you might end up having.


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