We installed a multi-split a/c in the lounge

When we built our home, getting high full-length windows in the lounge area plus a single in the garage would be enough for nice air quality plus flow.

Max and I quickly realized that we had some heat build-up that made the space uncomfortable to toil or relax in.

Max and I needed a better quality of air conditioner that would serve the several rooms, however our loft had no experience with the heating and cooling industry, so we needed an A/C supplier to teach us more about A/C in such spaces. Max and I found a reliable A/C serviceman from the local A/C company to guide us through purchasing then installing quality HVAC equipment. After many consultations with the A/C expert plus our supplier, we purchased a new multi-split a/c from the local A/C provider. We’d still get the freedom to open up the windows, however we also got the freedom to regulate our HVAC upgrade using a climate control unit, ensuring we get the desired indoor comfort. Once the A/C was installed in the space, Max right away moved his office to the garage, where he says it feels far from the rest of us, who knock on his door. Apart from the privacy, the A/C has made it a comfortable toil space. Max and I thought our bills would be higher than before, however we needed to increase our pay. As obsessive planners, Max and I have both started contributing to an HVAC repair kitty because we want to keep the comfort going for as long as possible, plus it’s also a sure-fire way to avoid A/C repair due to negligence. I almost forgot; our friends think Max and I have the most comfortable lounge area.



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