We really just needed a short break from the youngsters

For the longest time, my wife and I talked about how exciting it would be to get away from the kids for awhile and enjoy a sweet, passionate and romantic retreat where we could just be ourselves.

  • It seems we are always dealing with one thing after the next with the youngsters.

If they aren’t fighting over the temperature control settings, or arguing about playing on the gaming systems or computers, then they are getting into some other kind of mischief. It seems that they always fight on purpose too. Even though they all have TVs in their rooms, they all want to watch the TV in the living room, likely because it’s a large screen, but still! Our eldest son has his own laptop too, and he still wants to fight the others to use the computer in the living room. He claims that the living room computer plays his games better. Well, we have gotten these children on stricter chores and responsibilities which has been working out, but they are still always fighting over ridiculous stuff. We are not hesitating to ground them though when they are being bad though. We finally decided to look into different getaways. My wife and I spoke of going to a nice hotel that looked something like a mansion. We ended up booking this hotel where we had a 2 story suite with a clear floor on the top where you could see down to the swimming pool. This was the ultimate party room with advanced climate control and a lovely fireplace. We got champagne, and delicious food while we had the time of our lives for this short weekend getaway.

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