We really love our new HVAC system so we take good care of it

We have a new Heating & A/C idea in our house here, including a smart control unit.

We are really loving it.

All of our energy bills have been split in half since getting this new unit installed three years ago. We are now thinking about replacing our current smart control unit with a Wi-Fi smart control unit. That way, we can control it from our phones while out on the road. Sometimes we want to be able to switch the temperature in the house before one of us gets back home. We like doing it from the car just so that the temperature in the house is nice and comfortable when both of us arrive. The energy usage from the Heating & A/C idea is so low that it doesn’t matter if both of us keep the house super cold or super warm with all of the drastic temperatures that we get here in this part of the state. I used to pay up to $500 a month to cool or heat our house when both of us had the outdated unit, but now with the new Heating & A/C system, the monthly power bills are more in the $140 range. I guess I just didn’t realize how much more efficient the units had become until talking to an HVAC expert about them before having one installed in our house. It took them about more than a full week to install the unit because we also had brand new HVAC ductwork plus a new air handler, which had to be custom fit. It had to be able to go in the room where the older HVAC system was. They had to do lots of extra construction in the house. But now we are happy with it and we take really good care of it. An Heating & A/C company comes to service it regularly.



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