We repair all their cars

I work for a major construction company located in town, and the two of us have a fleet of vehicles that our Superintendents drive to each site.

And of course, these vehicles get dirty, especially because they are always being driven on construction sites where there is a whole lot of dust and debris. And not to mention the inside of the trucks. They get dirty because a lot of them spend a lot of time inside their trucks and at times the truck is where they eat their supper. And while each Super is responsible for keeping their trucks clean, there certainly are times where that gets ignored. So, in order to maintain the vehicles, the company hired a professional automobile detailing repair to regularly have the trucks washed and detailed. This automobile detailing repair is actually mobile, so they come to our property to repair our trucks. All of us currently have a sizable parking lot that has a small section where the automobile detailing company sets up a tent to detail the trucks. The cleaning process usually takes about 3 afternoons to complete because the group of us have so many trucks. The repair includes washing and waxing the exterior and vacuuming, carefully wiping aways all dust and debris, shampooing down the carpets and all interior cloth materials. It is crucial to have the professional automobile detailed by a professional automobile detailing repair because it actually helps to keep the trucks in fantastic condition. And of course, this is critical because our company fleet are leased vehicles and it is best to keep up with all automobile maintenance to avoid excess wear and tear.


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