Weird smell leaking from the air vent

Over the past month me in addition to our family have noticed that there is a weird stink that is coming from our air vent; We’re not sure what has causing it but every one of us need to find out because I suspect that this weird mail might be making us sick, and ever since our wifey in addition to I have started stinking the weird stink we have both been not feeling the best, in fact our wifey was not so bad yupterday that she had to call out of work in addition to take the rest of the day off, she felt better when she was outside the cabin but the moment she walked into her cabin she said that she didn’t recognize good at all anymore.

I knew something was wrong in addition to I decided to investigate around the cabin to see if I could find the source of what was causing this problem in addition to I noticed that there was a weird stink coming out of the air vent.

I said that I was going to call a heat in addition to AC professional to come in addition to take a look at what this was that was causing this. When the heating in addition to AC guy came out he checked the inside of the event in addition to he informed us that every one of us had mold growing in our air vent in addition to every one of us would need to do thorough ductwork cleaning, however he asked us if he wanted it that day in addition to I said yup that every one of us wanted to have it cleaned the same day. Every one of us both will have the cabin while it was being cleaned in addition to after a few hours if you’re able to return, still not want to take any chances though, every one of us stayed in a hotel the next few afternoons.

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