We’re glad to have moved to a warmer location

My fiance & I have essentially always followed the rules & done what was expected of us.

I’m not precisely sure that I would recommend our daughters to live that example. It’s not the most simple thing to admit but my fiance & I both have come to realize that both of us did what both of us were supposed to do much more than what both of us preferred to do. We graduated from university, had superb work assignments & bought a property with good residential Heating & A/C. Then both of us started having youngsters. Soon, our little property was too small. Like everyone, both of us then bought a bigger place & had even better residential Heating & A/C. It was all about getting more & doing better for the most part. But both of us were also pretty irritated with our lives. While both of us were so thankful to be raising superb children, both of us were paying a price as well. Both of us were over the jobs both of us had & both of us hated winter. The thought of going through another harsh Winter time being stuck inside the Heating & A/C heating for a long period of time was unbearable. So once our last daughter left for university, both of us replaced the Heating & A/C equipment yet again & sold that property. Thankfully, both of us sold it right at the peak of the recent Heating & A/C bubble. This allowed us to follow our passion & transport south where the most pressing concern is getting enough Heating & A/C cooling. We were able to find work positions that interest us & we’re affectionate about. The proceeds from the sale of the property are a fairly nice insurance policy. But we’ve greatly simplified our lives in order to focus on living them rather than simply enduring them. And all this central air conditioner equipment & almost zero Winter time freezing temps helps.

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