What happened to the old HVAC technician?

I had called the HVAC company to have my air conditioning inspected.

I knew it had been several weeks since I called, but I hadn’t heard back from them with a date for the service.

I called the HVAC company and once again requested they send an HVAC tech to the house and service my air conditioning unit. The woman who answered the phone told me they were short two HVAC techs, and it was going to take them a bit longer to get to the house and service my AC unit. I asked what happened to the old HVAC technician who usually serviced my HVAC system. He took a deep breath and told me he had been in an accident. She didn’t mention if he was okay or if he was in the hospital, and I wasn’t sure if I should even ask, but I had become friends with her. I explained how Sue and I had become friends and I was concerned. She told me that Sue had passed away and gave me the information on her memorial service. As sad as I was to hear that news, I still needed to have my air conditioning unit serviced. It was the AC unit that originally had me call the HVAC company. She told me that I would need to wait for two more weeks, at the longest. By then, they would have another HVAC technician hired. I made a note to contact the family and send a donation to her charity and then circled the date when I should have my HVAC servicing done. If I didn’t have a date by then, I was going to call them back.


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