When you get older

One thing I know is when you get older your body changes.

I am learning this now as I am getting older.

We tend to be more hot or more cold than we were when we were young. And this usually requires more heating and air conditioning. I have noticed that I am more sensitive to the outdoor heat and cold than I was when I was a teenager and young adult. I find myself using the central heating and air conditioning system more and in turn this means higher electric bills. So what I have done to help reduce this is I went out and got myself a portable space heater for the winter when I get cold. This way I do not have to turn on the central heating system as much and I can use a lot less energy running the portable space heater. Then in the summer I do the reverse. Which is I got myself a portable air conditioning system. With the portable air conditioning system I can actually keep myself nice and cool in the hot days without having to run the central air conditioning very much. When it gets really hot I have to turn on the central a/c for a bit and then go back to the portable air conditioning system. But still it saves me on the energy use I was spending by reducing my bills by almost half off what I had been paying. And this is great! Getting old is not fun in the least. But I can handle it with my portable HVAC equipment.

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