When you go to my sister’s house, check out her oak table.

My husband came home from work last week and told me his brother-in-law invited us to dinner at his sister’s house.

  • She had never invited us to her house, but she was at our home nearly every weekend.

He told me that when we got to the house; we had to check out her new oak dining table. They had the oak table specially made to fit in the dining room, and it was supposedly a work of art. He told me that even if we didn’t like the oak table; we had to rave about it. Apparently, my brother-in-law wasn’t as enamored with the oak table as my sister-in-law was. He had complained about the price of the oak table when they were last at the house for dinner. I made a mental note to gush over the table, but I realized it wasn’t necessary. When we got to the house, I could see why she was so happy with the oak table. A lot of work went into the design of the table. There was a lot of handwork done that included carved roses and what looked like a trellis going down the legs. She said she wanted an oak table that looked like the one in her grandmother’s house. My husband shrugged, not remembering ever seeing a table like that in anyone’s house. When she told me the price of the oak table, I could understand the annoyance on my brother-in-law’s face. He had put a lot of money into one table and now she wanted chairs to match.


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