Which heating system is best

My fiance and I have been on the hunt for a modern dwelling for the last couple of months.

  • My associate and I saw a few we liked, but there was consistently a thing here and there we didn’t like about the home.

There were a few things we couldn’t agree on and that is what kept us from getting a house. She wanted a dwelling that has more of an open concept where I like everything to have its own room and I don’t want to stare across the family room right into this room or that room. Then there was the debate over the Heating and Air Conditioning system. I wanted a more traditional gas boiler with a possible fireplace in the dwelling like how I grew up with. She wanted a more modernized electric boiler and to get away from the afternoons of a gas system. She had numerous horrible memories as a child and I think in a way somehow the gas boiler or whatever, has traumatized her. I know I don’t talk about it with her because there seems to be some terror from the conversation, so I just let it go. The only issue is that we both don’t want an electric boiler and when it comes to getting our home, this has been the major thing that has stopped us from getting one. It might be getting to the point that I have to understand that I’m not going to get what I like in this situation, but maybe if I give her this then I can get something I like later on.
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